The Great Arkansas Talent Search 2014


This year there are two (2) divisions:

  1. Gospel/Christian ~ Singers
  2. Songwriters

We will NOT be having a pop/country/rock division this year.

Anybody who has already registered for the country/pop/rock division will be refunded the registration fee.

To register for the writers division you only need to have one (1) original song,

If you (the contestant) were planning on entering the country/pop/rock division as a singer, you can enter the songwriter’s division instead with an original song.

The top prize (for each category) is $2,500 and a complete album to be recorded by Infrared Studio Productions. If you don’t wish for an album to be recorded we will add $500 to the top prize making it $3,000 total.

To register, print out the registration form (from the link below), fill it out and either bring it to the studio or mail it with your registration fee to the studio address.

Please specify which division(s) you are entering.

The entry fee for the gospel/christian division is $50. The entry fee for the songwriter’s division is $50 per original song that you wish to enter. You can enter more than one song if you wish, however, it will be an additional registration fee for every song you want to enter.

Once you are registered, you will be contacted by Eric Chesher for all the details about submitting your song.

There will be two rounds for the songwriter’s division. The first round will be at the studio and will be the song submission and mentoring round.

You will be scheduled a private session to submit your song. At that time we will review your song or songs with you, and give you our initial critique of the song, and suggestions and coaching. Charlie Crow, the NSAI regional workshop coordinator will be joining Eric Chesher, and acting as a mentor for the contestants. Nobody will be cut at this session! This is purely a coaching, mentoring, and song submission session. At that time, you will be scheduled for your performance round (the second round), and will be given all the information that you need.

Eric Chesher of The Great Arkansas Talent Search will be at Khalil’s restaurant Monday September 8th, for the NSAI writer’s night and will be registering and answering questions.

There is no age limit or minimum ~ all ages are welcome!

As in the past, there will be other prizes awarded throughout the competition!


Click HERE to download and print the registration form.
Fill it out and bring it with you to the studio.

Please see the contact page for more information!

NOTE: The dreaded Infrared Music List will not be used this season :-)

Please call 501-771-4822 with any questions you may have.